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Fees and Charges

Cancellation Fee

  • Rent Now Cancellation - If you use our "rent now" rental service you can cancel your order anytime before your butler has set up your cabana or sunshade and you will not get charged a cancellation fee.  Once your cabana or sunshade has been set up there is no cancellation and no refund under any circumstance.
  • Reservation Cancellation  - You can cancel a reservation anytime up to on hour before your rental start time.   If you cancel your reservations without giving us 45min heads up your card will automatically be charged 50% of your rental.
  • Reservation No Shows - If you do not show up to your cabana or sunshade rental within 45mins of the start of your rental your reservation will be cancelled and you will be charged 50% of your rental.  We need to do this as we are not legally allowed to leave unoccupied cabanas or sunshades on the beach.

Forgot to press the Im leaving button

When you are ready to leave the beach for the day you will need to press the "Im Leaving" button which is located at the top of the screen. If you fail to let us know that you have left we will charge you a $2 charge for failing to do this.

Rental tax

You will be charged the applicable local and state sales tax when renting one of our items

Tax and service charge on Food orders

There is a minimum sales tax on all food orders.  In addition, we charge a $2 service fee for picking up and delivering your food.

Tax on Refreshments

We have to charge the applicable sales tax for each refreshment order.
Cancelation Fee
Rental Tax
Tax and service Food
Tax refreshments
Forgot to press leave
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