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Can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation any time up to 45 minutes before your reservation start time. If you cancel less then 45 min before your start time you will be charged 25% of your rental cost.

What happens if I show up to my reservation late?

You have up to an hour past your rental start time to arrive. If you do not show up within an hour of your reservation start time your reservation will be canceled and you will be charged 35% of your rental

Can I change the date and time of my reservation?

If you want to change the date and time of your reservation you just need to cancel your original reservation and rebook another on for the desiered day and time

What do I do if I cant find my cabana or sunshade?

If you cant find your rental by following the map to the pin, you can call or text your butler who set it up by pressing the "call" or "chat" button located next to the butlers name.

How do I contact my butler?

Press the open order button at the bottom of the screen. Choose which order you need help with (rental, food, refreshments). You will see the butler who is assigned to each service. Next to the butlers name you will see a "call" and "chat" button, choose either to contact your butler with no service charge....meaning you're not using your data

Do I use my celular data when I text or call in the app?

No. All texts and calls our through our service within the app.

Can I leave my cabana or sunshade unattended?

Yes, but we are not resoponsible for your personal items so we advise taking your personal items with you if you leave your cabana or sunshade unattended.

What do I do when I am ready to leave the beach for the day?

When you are ready to leave and end your rental all you need to do is press the "Im Leaving" button located on the main screen, this way your butler will know that you are leaving and can come get the tent.

What do I do if I forget to press the "Im leaving" button

If you forgot to press the "Im Leaving" button and it is past 6pm when we close for the day, you may be charged a fee. Our butlers will collect your rentals after 6pm and will try to notify you so you can press the "I'm Leaving" button then.

What do I do if I get the wrong food order?

If your food order is incorrect you need to contact your butler. He will come and get your order and bring it back to the restaurant so they can correct the issue.

What hours is Lido open?

Operations run from 10am-5pm.

What do I do If I have a problem with my food order?

If there is a problem with your food order please call or text your butler. He will come and get your order and bring it back to the restaurant so they can fix the problem.

Whats the latest I can leave my Lido rental?

5pm will be the latest you can stay in your rental. If you have not let us know that you are leaving by 6pm one of our butlers will come to your rental and will need to pack it up for the day.

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