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Rental Policies

Rental Cancellation policy
Rental Cancel policy
Reservations - You can cancel your reservation up to 1 hour before your reservation start time free of charge.  If you cancel you reservation within 1 hour of start time you will be charged 25% of your rental cost.
Rent Now - You can cancel your "rent now" order any time before your butler sets up your items free of charge.  You will not be able to cancel your order after set up;  you will just tap the "I'm leaving" button letting us know we need to pick up your items.
Payment policy
Payent policy
We only accept payments through our app.  Our butlers will not accept any tips or any form of payment if it is not done through the Lido App. 
Failure to press "I'm Leaving" button
Im Leaving failure
If you fail to press the "I'm Leaving" button you will be charged 15% of your rental cost as penalty fee.
Personal item policy
personal item policy
We are not responsible for your personal items.  Once you have arrived to your rental you are responsible for all items at your location.  It is the same as if you picked up your rental from our retail space and brought it to the beach.  We are only offering you assistance in setting up your rental items.
Rental tax
Rental tax
We charge a sales tax with all our rentals by law.  Sales tax is determined by the state you are located in.
Tax and service charge for food orders
Foo tax
- We charge a sales tax with all food orders by law.  Sales tax is determined by the state you are located in.
- There is a $2 service charge for all food deliveries
Damaged Items
Customer is responsible for damages to the equipment during rental use.
Types of damages that will be charged to customer:
Beach Chair - Any tare burn or stain to fabric
Bean Bag - Any tare, burn or stain to fabric 
Umbrellas - If umbrella breaks while customer is opening or closing umbrella the customer is responsible for damage
Cabana - Any tare burn or stain to fabric
Sunshade -Any tare burn or stain to fabric.  
Towel covers - Any tare burn or stain 

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