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Bay 2

(Serving right in front of Two Dudes)

Please note: Food vendors have not started offering food through the app at Riis 2021

Summer 2021 we will be offering our service at Bay 2 Riis Beach located in front of Two Dudes Burgers. 


Mon-Sun 10am - 5:00pm

Holidays 10am - 4:30/5pm



Definitely the healthy option.  It'll take you about 1.5 hours from Williamsburg but you'll see some great views crossing bridges and passing through some great natural sites.

  Bikely has a few great routes to take.  Sample route

Cost: $0

Travel time: 1.5hr


Probably the most enjoyable way to get to us.  NYC Ferry leaves from Wall st/Pier 11 and Sunset Park every hour and will take about 45min to arrive to the Rockaways.  Hop on the free shuttle bus and arrive to Riis Beach  in 6mins.  Ferry rides offer amazing views of the city, wifi and refreshments.

Cost: $2.75

Travel time: 50min


With a parking lot that holds 9,500 cars you will have no issues finding a spot. $20 daily parking or buy a season pass for $100. You can also grab an Uber/Lyft/Via which will cost about $56 from Manhattan.

Cost: $20 parking

Travel time: 50min


There are a couple shuttle bus services with pick-up locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn you can take to Riis. You can also take the public bus which will drop you off right in front of The Bath House

Cost: $2.75 each way

Cost: $7 each way

Cost: $24.95 round trip

"The best place to spend the day in NYC, bar none." (TripAdvisor)

Jacob Riis Beach (AKA The People's Beach) has come a long way over the past couple years and thanks to the masterminds behind Riis Park Beach Baazar it's now the beach to be if you're in the tri-state area.  You can forget what you know about going to the beach when visiting Riis, from the campfire sign-alongs to karaoke on the shore you can do more than just lounge on your towel. You'll find live music from two stages, a variety of funky pop-up shops along the boardwalk and more than enough food vendors to please any pallet.  The Bath House was opened summer 2018 creating a whole new section of fun.  You'll find a bunch of new food vendors, volley ball nets, glamping and a new massive bar bumping some great music. If you're not excited about Riis this summer then you just haven't been yet.

glamping riis.jpg

Camping on the beach, minutes away from Manhattan?!  Well thanks to Camp Rockaways this is a real thing!  They offer luxury camp rentals steps away from the sand.  Enjoy late night campfires, tons of music and good eats, then climb into your queen size bed to sleep under the stars.


With over a mile of boardwalk lined with funky little pop up shops selling vintage clothing to vinal records a walk down the boardwalk is always a good time.


From sea food to ice cream Riis Beach boardwalk has something for everyone.


At the far end of Riis, where the boardwalk ends, Fort Tilden begins.  Being an old Army base you can explore the old bunkers and gun batteries that are now overgrown with vegetation.  The beach itself is mostly empty and lined with sand dunes which makes it a beautiful walk.

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