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Updating Account Info

How to add or change my payment info

Lido users pay exclusively for lido servicies through the app.
To add or update your payment info:
1. open Lido app
2. tap the menu on the top left
3.tap "payments".  Here you can add, change or update your payment info.

How to Edit your profile

To edit your profile:
1. open the Lido app
2. tap the menu in the top left
3.tap "profile".  Here you can edit your name, email, phone number and where you can change your password

How to create a Lido account

To create a Lido account you will need to download the Lido app from either the apple store or the google store.
Once you have downloaded the app you will need to open the app.  Once you open the app follow the instruction on how to create a new account.
How to creat account
How to add change payment
How to edit profile
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